FloridaGreen® is a nutrient rich, slow-release, non-burning fertilizer that can be used on lawns, gardens, flowering plants and more! Our product takes biosolids from municipalities all around the country and turns it into a pelletized Class A product, known as FloridaGreen. FloridaGreen is a BioPreferred product that keeps nutrients within the nutrient cycle and lowers our carbon footprint.

FloridaGreen has a 6-6-1 formula.  Nitrogen – Phosphorus – Potassium. N-P-K

Nitrogen (N)- used for plants leaf growth and green color

Phosphorus (P)- used to form new roots, make seed, fruit and flowers and it also helps fight disease

Potassium (K)- helps make strong stems and fast growth

FloridaGreen Plus+

FloridaGreen Plus+ is boosted with ammonium sulfate (AMS), which provides a faster green up, when compared to other biosolid products. It provides 8-10 weeks of feeding for use on: lawns, trees, shrubs, flower or vegetable gardens. 

FloridaGreen Plus+ has a 8-4-1 formula. Nitrogen – Phosphorus – Potassium. N-P-K

What's the Difference Between FloridaGreen & FloridaGreen Plus+

FloridaGreen contains 100% biosolids, which naturally has a slow releasing nitrogen characteristic. FloridaGreen provides a deep green to your lawn, while not burning it. 

FloridaGreen Plus+ is the combination of our regular FloridaGreen product and AMS (ammonium sulfate). The combination offers both fast and slow-release nitrogen sources. The addition of AMS in FloridaGreen Plus+ increases the amount of sulfur within the product. The addition of sulfur helps offer a deeper green to your lawn. FloridaGreen Plus+ customers will notice the time between application of FloridaGreen Plus+ and when your lawn begins greening is quicker compared to FloridaGreen. 

FloridaGreen and FloridaGreen Plus+ are both Biopreferred products, which means they contain 71% renewable material. The renewable portion of FloridaGreen products help increase the microbial activity in your soil, ultimately creating a symbiotic relationship between the microbes and your plants.

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