Merrell Bros. is currently bringing two exciting, proprietary biosolids treatment technologies to market all over the United States; Solar-Thermal Pasteurization and Double-Drum Drying. In our 40 years’ experience in the biosolids industry, we have seen nearly every Class A and Class B treatment technology on the market. Several years ago, we set out on a mission to help municipalities across the country by developing alternative options for waste solid management, treatment and marketing. The solutions we have created are forward thinking and a hedge against rising transportation and disposal costs. The two technologies (Solar-Thermal Pasteurization & Double-Drum Drying) provide energy-efficient methods to achieve significant volume reduction in Class A treatment levels. 

In addition to the technology, Merrell Bros. has also developed a Class A biosolids pelletizing apparatus that reduces and incorporates dust into the pellet body, increasing product aesthetic and acceptance, providing flexibility for nutrient profile customization, increasing spread pattern performance in a broadcast application and providing more marketing options. The pelletizing apparatus can either be used in conjunction with our Class A treatment or come in on the backside of other Class A methods. We have been successful at pelletizing a wide range of Class A material and percent solids in our apparatus, without any preconditioning of the biosolids. 

Merrell Bros. can deliver everything from simple licensing to design-build-operation-marketing of facilities. We can help you explore a wide range of options like concurrence and permitting of treatment technology with state regulatory agencies, marketing and distribution scheme, regionalization, registration as a fertilizer and more! 


We offer several different tier levels when it comes to licensing. From construction to marketing to facility layouts, we can help you every step of the way. For a more in-depth look into what we have to offer your municipality or business, please visit our parent website, Merrell Bros.